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APIC EPI® Intensives

This novice level course, designed for infection preventionists with 1-3 years of experience, provides intensive fundamental infection prevention training for healthcare professionals working in different practice settings.

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2017 Healthcare Symposium - sponsored by Nortec

Inaugural Forum for Advancements in Healthcare Facilities: Collaboration to create a healthy indoor environment that supports patient healing

The 2017 healthcare symposium will bring together healthcare professionals and engineers to discuss the role of indoor air hydration on patient outcomes.  Attendees will learn the link between indoor air hydration and hospital acquired infections (HAI’s), and not only how facilities can improve patient outcomes but how to significantly reduce operating costs.  This interactive event has a panel of 10 visionary leaders in the industry that will be open to questions and discussions during this two day event.

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APIC 2017

Join APIC in Portland, OR June 14-16, Wednesday through Friday, for the 44th Annual Conference—the largest gathering in the world of the infection prevention community.

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APIC 2017 Symposium

It’s Time to Move On: Why We Need to Stop Relying on Direct Observation and Embrace Automated Hand Hygiene Monitoring as the New Gold Standard

Healthcare has been using the current gold standard for hand hygiene compliance monitoring, direct observation, for decades. The status quo is unlikely to lead to meaningful change. During this interactive breakfast symposium, the speakers will highlight the issues with direct observation and discuss why healthcare facilities seeking better outcomes will need to move away from this method. You will hear from an acute care facility that has been an early adopter and pioneer of automated hand hygiene monitoring technology. They will share their journey from evaluation to implementation to sustainment, while also describing their business case and providing perspective on C-level engagement.

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APIC 2017 Symposium

Expanding the Infection Control Bundle – How No-Touch Disinfection is Interacting With Other Infection Control Practices

Join key infection prevention leaders in a panel discussion as they explore pivotal areas that impact patient safety and infection control in a hospital setting. Panelists will discuss isolation practices, antimicrobial stewardship, hand hygiene compliance, and no-touch technologies for room disinfection. Read more

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APIC 2017 Symposium

Expansion of Ultrasound in Healthcare: Challenges and Solutions for Infection Prevention.

Are you attending the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) Annual Conference in Portland?  Join our breakfast symposium.

With the rapid development of new types of ultrasound procedures recently, the risk of infection from improperly reprocessed ultrasound probes has grown. We convened a roundtable of clinical experts to discuss the challenges and the results of a recent survey on reprocessing of ultrasound transducers. This identified key areas for improvement in practice, including national guidance and education.

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Ultrasound Probe Infection Risk – A Call to Action

Due to overwhelming interest we are again hosting our ‘Ultrasound Probe Infection Risk – A Call to Action’ webinar – with additional updates!

This is a hot topic for 2017

A roundtable of infection prevention experts was convened recently to discuss the challenges involved in the reprocessing of ultrasound transducers and to address the results of a survey of APIC members. Key areas were identified for improvement in practice, including national guidance and education. Infection Control Today subsequently released a Call to Action about ultrasound probe infection risk. It highlighted that immediate action is needed to bridge gaps in awareness about ultrasound probe reprocessing requirements and to enhance education.

In this invaluable webinar, two of the experts involved in the roundtable investigation committee, Sue Barnes and Ruth Carrico, will help you to understand these important challenges and proposed solutions.

 Point-of-care (POC) ultrasound is also now becoming a cornerstone in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. This session will address the benefits of POC ultrasound probe reprocessing.

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